KeepSolid Sign Web feedback

Just tested the beta version of KeepSolid Sign Web - seems great and definitely has a lot of potential for the future.

Some suggestions based on testing:

1. Make it possible to resize the annotation fields - currently the minimum height is too big (should be possible to resize to 50% of the current size so the fields can fit in an existing text document).

2. Indicate the type of field after it has been added to the document - currently it doesn't show whether it's a text, date, signature field etc.

3. How to edit a template? I tried adding a PDF file as a template and it ended up being listed in the Documents section instead of Templates. Then I created a template from that document and it's now listed in Templates - but I don't see how to edit it now.

Overall, a great start and look forward to seeing the app development progressing further! :hearteyes:



Hi Chris,

Thank you for the feedback! It's great that you test our web version.

We have added your 1 and 2 suggestions to the backlog and it will be available in future updates.

If about templates, currently you are able to choose Use option in the menu of the template. You are right that the current flow isn't really intuitive, we will change it to make it more clear.

Hope you will be satisfied with next updates!